About Us

Founded in 2000, ARM Group specializes in the innovative creation and management of insurance solutions designed to achieve a well-balanced and cost-effective approach to risk, whilst delivering sustainable long term advantages. 

The key reasons behind our success are our attention to detail and tailored approach with every client we serve, allowing us to understand the true DNA of each business. By understanding where we are today we can better assist our clients move ahead with true control over what the future may bring. We help our clients understand that today's challenges are tomorrow's opportunities and leverage this mindset to design and implement risk management and insurance solutions that alter the way clients transact business and plan for tomorrow. Our solutions are customized to respond to unique strategies and needs of our clients and include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management Consulting 
  • Insurance Cost Optimization Strategies 
  • Customized Solutions for Affinity Groups 
  • Specialty Insurance Programs
  • Global Insurance Facilities 
  • Facultative Reinsurance Placements 
  • Online Membership and Account Management

Group Structure

The ARM Group is comprised of a global network of brokers and partners.

ARM USA, LLC is a wholesale broker specializing in Risk Consultancy and Customized Insurance Solutions in the North American market. 

ARM Global Risks, LLC
Based in the USA, ARM Global Risks, LLC is an International wholesale and reinsurance broker specializing in Risk Consultancy, Reinsurance and Customized Insurance Solutions in the Caribbean, LATAM and Europe.

Shape Tomorrow Today

Shape Tomorrow Today

Redefine the way you manage risk together with ARM. We help clients across the globe achieve greater focus on where their challenges lie and how the intricacy of these challenges can be better aided with innovative solutions aligned to their specific business strategies and goals.